What is the minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 1 hide which is around 4,5 m².

Does leather comes in rolls like fabric?

No. OrionDeri sells genuine leather which comes in hides in various sizes.

How much waste should be expected from genuine leather?

Genuine leather has higher waste than fabric, however this depends on the application. For approximate waste please consult your manufacturer.

My sample does not look like the one on OrionDeri website or catalogue. Why?

Colors on various computer screens looks different or your computer screen color calibration display incorrectly. Also there might be dye lot variation between samples, hides or web image. A sample or web image should not be considered as an exact look of entire hide.

Isn’t leather hot in the summer on cold in the winter?

Leather go along with its environment. It changes according to room temperature or your body which maintains and feel good to your skin.

Why is one leather grade more expensive than other?

Main determining reasons are origin of the raw hide and treatment.

Do you have a fire-resistance certificate for your products?

Those with fire-resistance feature in our products are indicated with the icon () . You may contact our sales team to get information about flammability norms.


Do you have special embosses be applied on products? Which products can I apply these embosses?

You can find our emboss samples under Pattern group. Our products suitable for emboss are indicated by the icon.() We can apply an emboss that you choose from the Pattern group to a color that have emboss icon.

Do you have a Technical Specification document for your products?

Each of our products have its own specific technical specification certificate. Please contact our sales team for the technical specification document.

Where can I learn the quantity of the hide?

Each hide has its own unique quantity. These quantities are indicated on the back side of the leathers. The hole that can be found in the hide due to its Genuine Leather structure is not included in this quantity.