Guide to Hide

In genuine leather (hide), the traces the leather carries from its life can be seen due to its natural structure. These scars can be such as Stamp, Neck wrinkle, Surgery scars or Hunch as stated below. These factors may occur due to the nature of the leather and should not be seen as a fault or defect.

tam kabak ve rubuk

Full Hide and Nubuck

Full Hide: Approximately 4.00-4.50
Nubuck: Full hide size. About 5.00


boyun kırışıklığı

Neck Wrinkle

These are the wrinkles that occur in the animal's neck area. It is a natural condition and has no effect on the value of the skin.

yarım kanat

Half Hide

Full hide that cut from the ridge line.



Stamps printed by farms to understand which farm their animals belong to. These marks can be anywhere on the reverse side of the plate.



Double Butts Size of the buttocks and back which removed from the shoulder, belly and head. Approximately 1.80-2.20

Ameliyat izi

Surgery Scar

Some animals have to undergo surgery due to an event they have gone through, and they bear the trace of it. For this reason, these marks appear on the skin. A similar scar can also occur during surgery performed during childbirth. These marks can be observed on the reverse side of the plate.



Fatty and muscular protrusion which occurs on the upper part of the neck in some cattle species. Since the skin of the hump part is weaker than the remaining parts, it is torn during tanning and damages the remaining part of the leather, so it is cut before the tanning process. Thus, a gap occurs at the head of the skin.